Clestra Hauserman in Tokyo has a new look!

Clestra Hauserman Experience Center caters to a wider audience, the design strong emphasis on how to transform spaces by only utilizing well-designed partitions, combining office operations and showroom, with carefully planned user’s free-flow circulation, and by applying the latest wellbeing practices on materials, workspace configuration, colors, light, and air circulation.

The space configures a wide arrange of our new products, materials and paint finishes (same quality and grade on antibacterial properties as the ones utilized on cleanroom, laboratories, op rooms and clinics) including our latest series of texturized surfaces that softly reflect and wash the light on the surface adding a calm and natural effect.

Motorized sliding and swing doors with infrared sensors provide add an extra security layer on health prevention and user confidence. Well manage access to natural light and open feel of the rooms by adding glass transoms and vertical panels on different shapes create a sense of openness and privacy at the same time with high guaranteed higher acoustics.

It reflects the values that Clestra Hauserman brings to its customers through its sustainable, environmentally friendly and user-friendly solutions.